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Evidence Based Medicine Poem!

August 22, 2012

I saw a patient the other day,

He had a question and wanted me to say,

Whether this new drug would work for him,

To make him better, to cure his disease,

Alas, I did not know what to say,

‘Cause the drug had worked for some before,

But others it left neither better nor worse,

So to make a judgement in my patient’s case,

I have to make uncertainty go away,

(or at least tune it down a bit),

So I called Reverent Bayes to show the way,

To blend opinion with the evidence at large,

Into a patient management plan,

‘So doctor what should I do, take this pill and expect it work,

or maybe leave it for another day’, my patient asked me to say,

I breathed, smiled and pondered a bit,

Weighing prior opinion and the paper I’d read the other day,

I believe this drug may work for you,

But it is best to keep an eye on you,

To prevent harm and learn more,

To answer the same question,

For the other patient behind the exam room door,

The patient thanked me and walked away,

He filled the prescription the same day,

He made an appointment for a later day,

To figure out whether the drug has worked for him,

Add his outcome to the ones I’d seen before,

To update my belief whether this drug work,

To make a decision to continue or stop.