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Hello world!

October 1, 2011

Welcome to the blog of this amateur statistician, which will explore various aspects of statistical modelling as applied to real world problems, interesting (or not!) implementations of analytic methodologies in R and WinBUGS as well as my reflections on what statistics can do for the solution of practical problems.

Statistics has been a very dear topic for me, since it helped me approach my PhD thesis from a novel perspective. Transforming a research question into a statistical data analysis plan and a wet lab experimental approach was a transformative experience for the much younger (and more impressionable) me. This experience led me to learn more about the topic, exploring various paradigms of statistical thinking landing eventually to the promised land of Bayesianism. When I switched over to clinical research work, I found that my statistical luggage would enable me to travel even further, asking and answering questions that may be of relevance to the care of my patients.

This blog is my attempt to give something back, to share with the world statistical bits and pieces that I came across in the last 15 years. Since I am no professional statistician, be forewarned that my expositions do not come come with an unlimited guarantee; exercise your critical judgement about the information you find here but do provide feedback!